Vulnerability Notice

September 2017

You may not be aware but there has been a worldwide attack on WAN connected IP cameras and recorders by Cyber attackers. This attack has effected some of our equipment and has allowed unauthorised access to certain IP cameras and recorders, as follows:

Typical Symptoms

  1. Channel Names changed to “HACKED”.

  2. Colour and Contrast Changed to Zero resulting in Dark Images.

  3. Network or other Settings Changed.

Our technical department have been busy dealing with this issue and we are delighted to release new firmware’s to protect against this attack. Although we always take a proactive approach to protect our equipment, unfortunately we cannot predict ever possible eventuality. We sincerely hope that this is the end of this type of sinister behaviour however we live under the ever-increasing threat from cyber attackers and we must collectively be more conscience of the possibilities of future attacks.

Therefore, please ensure to regularly update your equipment to the latest firmware and follow our security recommendations on our website. You will find links below to same. We sincerely hope that this attack does not cause too much inconvenience and please be assured that we take our collective security very seriously.


  1. Disconnect the Recorder / IP Camera from the WAN Network.

  2. Find your model number listed on this page and download the recommended firmware.

    If your model doesn’t have a firmware available it will be updated shortly. In the meantime, we recommend that you leave the device disconnected from the internet until a new updated firmware is available.

    IMPORTANT – Find the model number of the product by looking at the sticker found on the product either on the underside of the product or on the back panel.

    Pushing the incorrect firmware to your device may cause harm to your device so it is important you apply the correct firmware to your product. If you are unable to determine the model number please obtain the serial number from the info section on the GUI or via the Info section of the web browser.

    When you find your serial number, please supply it to a IC Realtime technical support agent where we can check the model number for you.

  3. If you are upgrading a recorder, put the downloaded firmware onto a USB stick and insert into the USB port on the recorder. When inserted, the recorder will likely bring a pop up message on screen with an option to “System Upgrade”. Select this option and follow the on-screen instructions to select the firmware file you download from step 2 from the USB device.

  4. When the recorder is upgraded we recommend doing a “Factory Reset” or “System Default” to restore everything to back to its original state.

  5. Before re-connecting your device to the internet again, it is very important that you change the passwords on ALL user accounts in the system. This includes both local and network based logins.

  6. After you complete step 4 & 5 we recommend you use our best practice guidelines for further securing your device on the internet. Please see our recommendations here.

Technical Assistance

We have provided instructions below on how to remediate your device however if you still require further assistance we are devoting additional technical support agents to help all customers through the remediation process of re-securing your device online. You can speak with technical supports agents via the following methods:

Live Chat


Ireland +353 (0) 1 4268275
UK +44 (0) 33 0808 5066

We have a dedicated service centre at our European HQ in Dublin where we can carry out the upgrade for you. To schedule an appointment please email rma@icrealtime.eu


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