Welcome to our latest product catalogue v17. We are very excited about this catalogue due to the exciting upgrades to our complete range of recorders and cameras. Compression and smart codecs continue to be the buzz words in the video surveillance industry. Many of our IP recorders and cameras now support H.265 and H.265E (enhanced) smart codec, which reduces bandwidth and HDD consumption by up to 90%. These compression standards have become very important due to the ever-increasing resolution in IP cameras. H.264E smart codec is now standard across all our recorders and IP cameras with the exception of the Wave range.

We are particularly excited about our ULTRA-2s range of 8MP (4K) cameras due to their exceptional performance and affordability. Combine these with our latest H265E recorders, makes bandwidth and hard drive consumption no longer an issue. Our BNC (coax) technology continues to improve at pace with WAVE-5x and FUSION-5x now supporting HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and analogue CVBS on the BNC channels, making these recorders extremely versatile for current and future applications. All our BNC Recorders have improved IP handling capacity, with most models supporting cameras up to 5MP. We have also increased the IP recording bandwidth as well as the amount of IP channel capacity.

We have introduced Smart Functionality into selected "FUSION" BNC recorders, such as tripwire, intrusion detection and facial detection. We have also increased the resolution on the "FUSION-6s" and "GENESIS-4s" to 4MP. Low Light Colour Surveillance continues to be in high demand and we are delighted to introduce our "SIRIUS" low light technology in selected cameras.

All cameras with Sirius built in are easily identified by our new "SIRIUS" icon, as documented on page 21. Our camera line up has also been extensively upgraded with many new features and to help you navigate these improvement, we have key feature icons highlighting important key features.

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